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APR Open Intake Systems CI100054 Sport levegőszűrő MQB Golf 7 GTI R Audi S3 8V OCTAVIA RS LEON

Cikkszám: CI100054

Készlet információ:

Nálunk raktáron:

1 db

Átlagos szállítási idő 1-2 munkanap


100 db

139 900 Ft


Az ár a képen látható alkatrészeket tartalmazza. APR Open Intake Systems APR open intake systems are the maximum flowing, low-cost options for nearly any setup! They feature a straight through filter design with minimal twists and bends for maximum flow and minimal pressure drop. They are equipped with APR's proprietary washable and reusable cotton gauze high-flow filter that flows 22 percent more than stock at various depressions, registers less pressure drop at each depression, has 20 percent more surface area compared to stock, and uses a filter substrate material proven on other APR intake systems to provide the necessary filtration to last a lifetime. Features and benefits: * 5 in. (127mm) filter transition is 260 percent larger than stock * Filter outlet stack increases air velocity to maximize flow * Less strain on factory components compared to stock * Better throttle and turbo response compared to stock * Airbox design captures fresh air from frontal inlet, reducing suction from engine bay and radiator, keeping system constantly fed with cool incoming air * Heatshield and inlet pipe are made from a glass filled polypropylene material that acts as an excellent heat deflection barrier to minimize inlet temperatures compared to no shield * Enhanced engine and turbocharger sounds * Easy install—simply pops into place on the factory mounting pegs * Supports both MAF and non-MAF engines Applications

További információk

Cikkszám CI100054
Gyártó APR USA
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